We at fleroh are seasoned eCommerce experts. Our project experience ranges from lifestyle products to online food retailing and the marketing of successful blockchain projects. Due to the many products and services that we have successfully marketed in recent years, we have gained a strong network of professionals and a great deal of knowledge about the Do's and Do's's in the European market.

We have come to the conclusion that although we have a great variety in eCommerce, there is often a need for higher quality content and design. We believe that international competition will boost innovation in Europe, but only if the quality standards and needs of local markets are respected. That's why we founded fleroh. To date, we include many major players from Europe, India and China among our customers, all of whom have benefited from optimizing their products and services.


von Bloh

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strategic marketing consultant with love for text and targets

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Fabienne Flerackers

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creative strategist and lover of

text and dogs